Whatsapp chat for website, get your free widget


Whatsapp chat for website, get your free widget

whatsapp chat for website

If you are an online store owner, you need a way to enable customers to contact you in order to inquire about products or services before purchasing or other scenarios.

As well as the owners of various blogs, including technical, educational, and others, visitors may need to communicate with you easily and quickly without exerting much effort.

When talking about such a feature, there will be many options and add-ons that offer this service, some of them are free and some are paid

Perhaps the WhatsApp application has become more than just a means of communication between family and friends but broke into the field of business in all its forms, and from here we can count on the addition of WhatsApp Chat, which allows us to communicate with our site visitors via WhatsApp

The add-on also supports online stores and the add-on is easy to set up and does not need a lot of procedures to activate it.