Getbutton (Whatshelp) Best Free Alternative “2021”

There are several reasons to change Getbutton icons to the Sendstrap, The most important factor is adding all social channels you need for free with no limit, In additional you can customize chat icon colors to match your website design, adding a prompt message to interact with your customers and visitors, and there are a big reason also is the ability to save the setting on sendstrap account and change it later when you need without changing in your website code, This is why you should change the getbutton (whatshelp) chat icons:

  • Remove Social Limit
  • Customize Chat Icon Color
  • Add Welcome Message
  • Save Setting to change it Later
  • More Fast & Animated Icons
  • More Features & Addons

Sendstrap Best Free Alternative

Are you looking to gain an additional 75% leads from your website? Switch to Sendstrap and get more features:

Switch Getbutton And Win

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  • All Social Icons
  • Customizable Widget
  • Spam Blocker
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Ready Integrations